The Outsourcing Enterprise: From Cost Management to Cloud Services

I am teaching/facilitating  an Executive Summer School this coming summer in which my research on Cloud Computing and on Utility Computing will be presented…  In particular the team believe that Cloud needs to learn the lessons of Outsourcing. At the moment the focus is (as it was with early outsourcing) focused on cost reduction and Capex / Opex transfer. But those who had their fingers burned with the outsourcing craze quickly learned that it is through strategic collaboration rather than cost reduction that value is achieved.  Cloud providers and companies considering the cloud need to learn these lessons if they are to avoid the mistakes of the past.


This course offers in-depth coverage of the key issues, developments and management challenges in today’s global sourcing marketplace. It provides a learning vehicle and tools, in terms of key frameworks, principles and practices, for those preparing themselves for general management  in major organizational functions or for more specific global sourcing roles, and also for experienced managers who wish to move to the next level. It  focuses on the needs of managers and senior executives working in client companies and service suppliers. It covers global sourcing, strategy, Information Technology outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) including the most recent developments in sourcing and offshoring  for such major areas as HR, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Legal and Knowledge (KPO) functions.

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The Outsourcing Enterprise: From Cost Management to Cloud Services

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