Say goodbye to the IT department

Dell have produced a dongle which plugs into monitors HDMI port and connects to Bluetooth peripherals (keyboard/mouse..) and WiFi  While it is a basic Android machine, its value is in automatically providing a virtualized PC environment from Dell’s Wyse data-centre.

Imagine dispensing with all the PCs in an office and simply having monitors with a dongle attached and leaving the PC maintenance to Dell in the cloud.

Dell Wyse Project Ophelia thin client unveiled at CES 2013 | Cloud Pro

Obviously some will argue this is a greener option (yes if the Dell Cloud is multiplexing to provide the virtualized environments and using efficient machines); an easier option (not necessarily- since you are adding another layer of hardware in the mix – though you are outsourcing PC desktop maintenance to Dell); a cheaper option (who knows – that will very much depend on the service charges going forward – PCs aren’t exactly expensive these days in hardware terms – only in software and maintenance terms).

Dell Wyse Project Ophelia thin client unveiled at CES 2013 | Cloud Pro.

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