Second Report is here! The Challenges of Cloud.

In this second (of five) reports for Accenture on Cloud Computing we explore the challenges faced by firms.

Unlike other reports we do not dwell on technologically deterministic problems alone (security being one example). Instead we extend this discussion to include issues such as institutional lock-in. Such lock-in occurs when an organisations adoption of a SaaS can lead their users to become quickly locked into the ongoing development strategy of that SaaS whether it aligns with the organisations strategic aims or not. It is hard to get users who like a SaaS to stop using it if it aligns with their desires and aims even if it is against overall company objectives.

We also discuss Service Level Agreements – discussing why the challenges are not what people believe. The key is understanding the challenge of multi-tenancy for a service provider.



Our 2nd Report: Meeting the challenges of cloud computing – Accenture Outlook

Our second Accenture report on Cloud Computing is about to be published!  As a taster the above link takes you to a short synopsis (Published in the Accenture Outlook Points of View series). I will post a link to the full report when it is out.

While in danger of providing a summary on a summary, this second report builds on our first “Promise of Cloud Computing”  report to analyse the challenges faced by a move to cloud. We identify the following key challenges:

Challenge #1: Safeguarding data security

Challenge #2: Managing the contractual relationship

Challenge #3: Dealing with lock-in

Challenge #4: Managing the cloud

Once you read the paper I would love to hear your views – please use the add comments link at the bottom of this section (its quite small!) or email me directly on

I would also suggest you also review the whole report when it is out – much of the important detail is missing from this shorter synopses.

List of 100 Cloud Vendors

A student of mine forwarded me the following “top 100” cloud vendors list. I take such ratings with a pinch of salt but it is useful to see a list of companies who are significant players in this market. As a resource for ideas on different vendors offerings it may prove useful  – once you wade through the advertising to read it that is!


Using rented computing to crack passwords.

Cloud computing is open to everyone – good or bad.  Here we see someone renting computing power for a couple of dollars to crack an SHA-1 password. Imagine the potential of a competitor  using a few thousand pounds worth of computing potential to crack your passwords… or a disgruntled employee launching an attack with some of their severance. See the following article from the Register for more information.

German hacker uses rented computing to crack hashing algorithm • The Register.