DIIESL Seminar Series – Innovation in the interface economy – APIs, business value and ecosystems


Please join us for the next seminar in the DIIESL Seminar Series to be held online on Thursday 28th May 2021, details below.

DIIESL Seminar Series

Innovation in the interface economy – APIs, business values and ecosystems

Thursday 27th May 2021 

3.00 – 5.00pm (British Summer Time = GMT+1)

This is an online seminar, please click to register

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) arguably sit at the heart of innovating in this digital era. They allow the integration of cloud services, enable containerised applications (e.g. via Docker) to operate in new ways within Cloud environments, allow developers of all levels to innovate new services quickly and at low cost, and enable new business models such as product platforms and service ecosystems. For example, the explosion of AI technologies is, to a significant degree, enabled by APIs connecting cloud-based Machine Learning ‘Lego’ bricks to create ever new services at the point of need. In this way APIs are underpinning ‘combinatorial innovation’ (Yoo, Boland et al. 2012) of the modern cloud-based world.

Our third DIIESL seminar will bring together insights from academics working on Interfaces, APIs, modularity, and innovation.

Chairperson: Dr Will Venters, LSE


Prof Nigel P MelvilleUniversity of Michigan, “Generating Business Value from Machine Interfaces: Models of Efficiency, Focus, & Transformation.

Dr Roser Pujadas, LSE, The role of interfaces in fostering digital ecosystems: A study of the online travel service ecosystem”.

Prof Hans Berends, KIN, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Innovation ecosystems and systems of use: the role of intermediary platforms and users in creating complementary value.

For abstracts and speaker bios and for more information about DIIESL’s forthcoming and past seminars, please visit www.diiesl.org

(Image by Denny Müller on Unsplash)

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