New Name, New Look, New direction –

Dear Readers,
After 5 years of blogging under the uninspiring title of “Utility and Cloud Computing” I’ve finally decided to “rebrand”. As cloud has become central (and assumed) in computing the old title made little sense and grew to inhibit me from writing about wider issues in computing and digital technology.

So … I would love to say that I hired a team of crack marketing and PR executives who exhausted plantations of coffee in concocting it while sat mostly on bean-bags … but no I just spent an hour trying to find something that (a) captured the spirit of my work,  but more importantly (b) was available!!!

I think BinaryBlurring kind of works. My research has always been about how digital technology’s binary approach becomes problematic, challenging and more interesting when it hits the analogue world of people, organisations and work practice.

I will continue to write on this topic over the coming months… and I very much hope you will continue to read.Let me know what you think!

Best wishes,

Will Venters

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