The Internet of Things – Two articles from the round-table I attended last week.

The following two articles emerged from the IoT debate I participated in last week… I am not sure they quoted me correctly though. My points was that you need to balance value with security, and that the architecture of IoT demands that we consider where security is most important across the whole ecosystem. You might not worry if a random sensor is easily hacked so a hacker can discover it is reading 36 degrees… but you might want the part of the application that links that sensor to your health information, and shows that it is a night-time reading from your health monitor to be very secure. Similarly you might accept the risk of sharing your health data with a cloud provider if it creates value for you in some way – making you healthier perhaps!

Education and security needed for Internet of Things to reach business potential- The Inquirer.

The Internet of Things needs a security model to protect user data- The Inquirer.

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