I am presenting my new MISQ article for the first time today @ Manchester University

I am in Manchester today to present my new MISQ paper* on Digital Coordination for the first time.http://www.cs.manchester.ac.uk/our-research/news/full-article/?articleid=693

*Venters, W., E. Oborn and M. Barrett (2014). “A Trichordal Temporal Approach to Digital Coordination: The Sociomaterial Mangling of the CERN Grid.” MIS Quarterly.

 The paper is a complex technical article (click here for the abstract) but I believe it has significant implications for cloud and Grid computing. In particular it shows that large scale infrastructures are coordinated not just by technical means (for example through software to organise the allocation of work to nodes), but by a complex social and technical mangling in which the social practices of developers and users, and of technology and algorithms inter-relate, drawing upon inertia from the past, and a intended imagined future, to shape the performance of the present. 

Essentially how these infrastructures are coordinated is influenced by a remembered past and imagined future which influence the performed present. 


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