Argh – “Cloud Computing as a Service (CaaS) Free Podcast”

So today I received a sales pitch to download a Podcast for “The benefits of cloud computing as a service”…

There clearly comes a point in the “Gartner hype cycle” when things have clearly gone too far. For me this podcast was  hard evidence that this time has come for cloud.

So please please please don’t click on the following link – just think about the  “10 Goto 10” infinite loop it is trying to create…. And start to think that perhaps the term cloud computing has now finally had its day!

The Benefits of Cloud Computing as a Service (CaaS) Free Podcast.

****UPDATE ***

Okay – so Max Cooter (Of Cloud Pro) pointed out the link between this podcast and a telecos company (thanks for this Max). I then thought further about what they were trying to get to with the idea of “Cloud Computing as a Service” – presumably the selling of the offering of cloud computing services to other teleco’s (or similar) so they can become IaaS / PaaS providers using their brands without having to do any of the work. I guess this is a good service to offer – but it doesn’t exactly fit the CCaaS name. Perhaps “Service Provider as as Service (SPaaS)  or Virtual Cloud Provider (VCP) would work better!

So finally my apologise to the author of the podcast… and next time I will try to engage my brain a little more before I criticise too!

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