I’m speaking on “managing the Cloud Corporation” at the Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization conference 2013 – London March 26th Britannia International.

The Essential Cloud Computing….

The coming of the cloud corporation: Cloud is about the organisation changing rather than IT changing

To see cloud computing as the mere outsourcing of computing to the “cloud” is to miss the collaborative and innovative potential of this shift. Dr Venters explores the need to learn the lessons from the PC era of the 1980s to effectively understand how Cloud Computing might change enterprises. He posits that we need to think about how we can manage a different type of IT led organisation – something he terms the cloud corporation. This has important lessons for public and private enterprise – as new forms of system emerge which challenge their ways of working (e.g. SmartCities and the Urban-Operating-System).

4 thoughts on “I’m speaking on “managing the Cloud Corporation” at the Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization conference 2013 – London March 26th Britannia International.

  1. Fantastic talk today – thoroughly enjoyed listening to your thoughts and views on Cloud and its impacts! Will be visiting your blog often!


  2. Hi Dr Will, I would like to get your thoughts on a specific cloud based question that I have. Based on my personal experience so far it seems that cloud services are limited to an exact service that can be replicated and provisioned quickly and efficiently over and over to meet a specific and well defined demand. If tailored or bespoke versions of these well defined cloud services are required then this would inevitably cause the service provider to move to a more “managed service” type arrangement because a common cloud service could not be used. In my experience it is very seldom that businesses will just use static applications with no customization and this would generally be limited to applications like Microsoft Office or similar. Do you think this is a limiting factor for cloud computing in terms of Software or Platform as a Service – understandably this would not have as big an effect effect on Infrastructure as a Service type cloud services?


  3. Hi Barry,
    The benefit of cloud has nothing to do with the software running. Salesforce allows lots of customization (as part of its software). Similarly Bit.Ly doesn’t. Amazon’s web-services allow you to run a virtual machine – tons of customisation.

    The issue of statistical multiplexing and cloud is separate from this software issues. Salesforces still hosts all these customisations on a small number of boxes – unlike the managed service. The users share space on a server and it is this sharing which allows the cost savings (or some of them)…

    I suggest you read my 2012 paper – “Cloud Desires” in Journal of Information Technology which should give you a great grounding in Cloud ideas.



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