126 GeV – Congratulations to all at CERN

Congratulations on this fantastic achievement, and to all those who contributed – particularly my friends at GridPP.

For five years I followed the work of those developing the Grid computing infrastructure at CERN (www.pegasus.lse.ac.uk) and the dedication they put into ensuring their ‘small’ contribution to this result (256 data-centres is hardly small). The analysis at CERN which led to this discovery was all run on the worlds largest Grid computing infrastructure – developed in a highly agile way by particle physicists themselves.

(Our research papers on Grid development at CERN)

Venters,W and Kyriakidou-Zacharoudiou,A (2012) “Interventionist Grid Development Projects: A research framework based on three frames.” Information Technology and People.

Zheng,Y.,W. Venters and T. Cornford (2011) “Agility, Paradox and Organizational Improvisation: The Development of a Particle Physics Grid” Information Systems Journal 21(4) 303-333. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2575.2010.00360.x

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