Executive Training in Enterprise Outsourcing and Cloud Computing

I am teaching again on our one-week executive education course on Enterprise Outsourcing at the LSE, contributing  my Cloud Computing expertise into a wider course on Enterprise Outsourcing and Innovation. Join us if you are able! http://bit.ly/eRIlxZ

Managing the Outsourcing Enterprise: From Cost to Innovation and Cloud Services

Professor Leslie P. Willcocks 
Dr Edgar Whitley
Dr Will Venters
Professor Mary Lacity

Dates:  25 June – 29 June 2012
Fee: £4,650

Course Objectives

This course offers in-depth coverage of the key issues, developments and management challenges in today’s global sourcing marketplace. It provides a learning vehicle and tools , in terms of key frameworks, principles and practices, for those preparing themselves for general management  in major organizational functions or for more specific global sourcing roles, and also for experienced managers who wish to move to the next level. It  focuses on the needs of managers and senior executives working in client companies and service suppliers. It covers global sourcing, strategy, Information Technology outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) including the most recent developments in sourcing and offshoring  for such major areas as HR, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Legal and Knowledge (KPO) functions.


  • Gain a thorough knowledge of effective management lessons and techniques to develop and implement sourcing strategy, operate as an informed buyer, select suppliers,  and manage and deliver outsourcing services from both client and supplier perspectives
  • Develop in-depth understanding of global trends in the sourcing marketplace and how sourcing fits with corporate competitive and collaborative strategies.
  • Draw on an unrivalled LSE Outsourcing Unit research base of over 1500 outsourcing arrangements in Asia Pacific, USA and Europe, and 20 years of publications and working papers on global sourcing trends, country and IT industry analyses, together with case histories of effective client and supplier practices.
  • Learn from up-to-the-minute case studies, negotiating exercises, guest executives and cutting edge research projects, including on bundled services, cloud computing, selective sourcing strategy, offshore locations..
  • Improve your ability to analyse sourcing challenges and questions and make more effective assessments and decisions
  • Develop your skills and marketability in increasingly key areas for contemporary organizations in a global context.

This course will address the following key topics

  • Global context and trends –offshoring, country attractiveness, key decisions
  • Moving To The Strategic Agenda – alignment, configuration, distinctive capabilities
  • Preparing For Outsourcing – 9-phase life-cycle, negotiation, selection, requisite supplier capabilties
  • Making The Transition – Contracts, HR and service challenges, change management, SLA and scorecards,
  • Managing Outsourcing – control, relationships, leveraging suppliers
  • Regeneration and Outsourcing Futures – options decisions case histories, trends to harness.

The course reader, especially prepared for this executive practitioner module is: Leslie Willcocks, Sara Cullen and Andrew Craig (2011) The Outsourcing Enterprise: From Cost Management To Collaborative Innovation (Palgrave, London

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