Studying at the LSE – MISI

I just realised that this blog includes Adverts – Sorry I am about to pay to have them removed… Anyway given the Open University is advertising on my site at the moment I thought I should respond with my own advert for our NEW MSc in Management, Information Systems and Innovation at the LSE.
See the video below for details.

MISI logo

The Masters in Management Information Systems and Innovation (MISI) studies organisational and IT innovations in business and government across the world. Information systems drive modern business and public services, the internet is changing drastically how we form and share information, and knowledge in the networked society crosses all boundaries and challenges all previous models of organising business and government.The programme is an intellectually rigorous, innovative, inter-disciplinary degree that creates capabilities for future management and IS practitioners, advisers and researchers, in the ever changing arenas of technology and organisations. It integrates established knowledge on management, strategy and major IS issues, such as applications development, projects, outsourcing with the critical study of emerging domains of innovation exploiting the internet, including cloud computing and social networking. View the programme structure

The practice of innovation requires understanding of the social and economic context within which technology and organisations are constructed and managed. Our learning approach places emphasis on the critical discussion of academic literature from across a range of scientific fields. We include theories and frameworks for understanding the processes of information systems and innovation and case studies for illustrating issues in particular instances of management and innovation practice. View faculty teaching on the programme

  • Management
    Our students will be managers who will need to understand all the demands made upon a modern manager
  • Information Systems
    Our students learn the in-demand skills and knowledge about how ICTs work in a modern organisational environment, corporate, public or third sector
  • Innovation
    We live in a time of constant and accelerating change where yesterdays answers no longer work and managers must innovate, introduce and control new solutions.

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