Google Sidewiki – Not available on Chrome

It is interesting that GOOGLE is trying to dominate in so many markets but seems not to be joined up (see Googled by Ken Auletta – Its Chrome browser has been launched to try to wrestle control of the browser from IE (and FireFox) and provide usage data back to the Google corpus. Huge amounts were clearly spent on advertising in the UK – yet those developing it failed to include the very features Google have added to IE and Firefox – namely the toolbar. Having switched to Chrome I am left with even less Google-developed features than before. (e.g. try Google Sidewiki on Chrome).

Why is this important for the Cloud? Because the browser is the key access mechanism for Cloud services (particularly SaaS) and Google aims to be a key player in both providing the browser and providing the Cloud services. If its browser is problematic then its offering might be suspect.

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