Publications on Cloud Computing research papers collection | Mendeley

Various Publications on Cloud Computing research papers collection | Mendeley.

Defogging the Cloud: Applying Fourth Amendment Principles to Evolving Privacy Expectations in Cloud Computing

David A. Couillard

The Economic Impact of Cloud Computing on Business Creation,Employment and Output in Europe

Federico Etro

A Break in the Clouds: Towards a Cloud Definition

Luis M. Vaquero1, Luis Rodero-Merino1 , Juan Caceres1, Maik Lindner2

  • This paper provides a useful table of definitions of Cloud from the literature (page 52), and most usefully a table comparing Grid and Cloud.

Haibo Yang, Mary Tate(2009) Where are we at with Cloud Computing?: A Descriptive Literature Review 20th Australasian Conference on Information Systems 2-4 Dec 2009, Melbourne

  • As a descriptive review of the literature on Cloud Computing within Information Systems this paper is necessarily limited. Little research has been done and hence the conclusions cannot be strong. That said it is a very useful piece with lots of material and a systematic analysis.

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