Sponsored walk through London in memory of my wife / Hannah’s mum!

My wife Angela sadly passed away in July last year (2018) after suffering from breast cancer for 10 years. To commemorate our first year without her, my daughter and I are seeking to raise money for Children in the developing world who did not have access to the amazing NHS healthcare Angela had. If you have a moment please could you sponsor Hannah (and with that share a message of support) to do a 15 mile walk along the Thames path? 


Best wishes,



In Hannah’s words below: 

Hannah Venters

Hi my name is Hannah. I am raising money for World Child Cancer in memory of my mum who sadly passed away in July 2018 after 10 years of breast cancer. I would like help children who have cancer to survive it if they cannot get the treatment that was available to my mum.

On the 22nd of June we are going on a 25km (15miles) walk along the Thames from the Thames barrier to Battersea. 

This would mean a lot to me as my mum did a lot of fundraising and would be proud of me doing it, and it would help children too.

I will be really thankful for all your help and support. If you are from the UK the UK government (UKAID) will double the amount you give. 

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