Cloud Will Transform Business As We Know It: The Secret’s In The Source

I am involved in the following seminar based on joint research we are doing on Cloud Computing…




HfS Research, in partnership with the Outsourcing Unit of the London School of Economics, is hosting a special webinar, sponsored by Accenture, on the groundbreaking study of Cloud Business Services that HfS and LSE recently released.

Join HfS Research Founder and CEO Phil Fersht, HfS Managing Director Euan Davis, Professor Leslie Willcocks, Professor for Work, Technology and Globalization at London School of Economics, and Managing Director of Cloud Services at Accenture Jimmy Harris.

The issues on the table include:

– The contrasting views and intentions of business and IT executives toward Cloud Business Services

– The impact of Cloud on work culture and delivering competitive advantage

– How both business and IT executives need to tool-up and prepare to adopt Cloud Business Services

– The crucial role service providers need to play as Cloud Business enablers for today’s organizations


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